Crystal Lee Lucas
I am a self-taught photographer. I’ve learned all I know about digital and film photography through reading books, online forums, and discussions with other photographers, but mostly trial and error.
The natural world has always been- and will always be a major influence in my work, as well as my life, in general. I’ve always loved being outdoors.  As a kid, I was raised by my aunt, and she always had to drag me in the house by the shirt to study and do homework. I only ever wanted to be outside. In the years that I lived with my sister and aunt, they hardly knew I was around because I spent so much time in the woods. Sometimes I would go for 5 walks in the same day and come home with bones of animals that I had found. That time spend in nature is refreshing mentally, emotionally, physically, and creatively; I would be completely free from worries and anxieties. The most inspiring thing about nature to me is, obviously its superior beauty, but also nature knows what it is doing. I feel as though I never know what I am doing or what I’m supposed to do. Nature doesn't have to question or even think of these things, it just does.