Tried and True

Artist Bio:

Chicago born painter, Timothy Prettyman, has been creating artwork ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil. He creates bright and vibrant works that focus on color, shape, and composition rather than subject matter. He cites artists such as Mark Rothko, Paul Kremer, Heather Day, and Alayne Spafford amongst his influences. When he isn’t painting (which is rare), he is probably reading another Philip K. Dick novel or looking up random history facts. He resides in Philadelphia with his wife and their two cats.   Artist Statement: My work is all about utilizing color and shape. With each piece, I try to show how color and abstract shapes can convey a multitude. Each piece is planned and sketched but I always allow room for improvisation and re-design. I try to rely more on feeling when creating than a precise sketch or design. A limited color palette is determined first and the piece comes together around the colors. I fully believe that placing limitations on a piece can actually allow more freedom and broader range of expression.